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Real stories from strong beautiful women.​

I feel more strongly about my femininity now because I’m more confident in myself. I don’t present as the stereotypical female, but that doesn’t make me feel less female. I feel like I’m more comfortable in my own skin.

Angie, Strong Beautiful Woman

"The hardest thing for a transwoman, and a major part of my dysphoria, is coming to terms with the idea of not 'passing'. Getting to a point where I am happy with the reflection in the mirror is the goal now."

Diana, Strong Beautiful Woman


I believe that everyone's life has value and significance, and everybody deserves a good quality of life - regardless of gender, race, social class, and other identity markers. I believe in, and try to practice, the importance of compassion for others...

Lan, Strong Beautiful Woman

Owning who I am to the core has allowed me to find peace with who I am as a human - and yes, femininity and all the amazing beauty that comes with it does play a role in that narrative.

Andrea, Strong Beautiful Woman

Charlotte and I are both led by our hearts. Our hearts are our sources of kindness and strength. With great kindness comes great strength.

Mary, Strong Beautiful Woman

I believe that small and big choices matter in terms of our individual lives and how that ripples out into the rest of the world.  I influence the world with my actions, my words, my prayers, the way I eat, the way I get around, what I choose to spend my money on and what I don't.

Nicole, Strong Beautiful Woman

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