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Purpose  Exploring authentic feminine strength, offering critique to social narratives, featuring inspiring stories of real people, and providing resources for women, parents, community leaders, educators, advocates - and anyone who wants to make a difference.

Why Strong Beautiful Woman  Strong Beautiful Woman is the name of a song by the endlessly talented, fiercely feminine, and unabashedly strong Paula Cole


Philosophy  I believe the dualism that shows up in conventional wisdom overlooks the interconnected nature and relationship of pairings like strength and femininity that are seemingly at odds.  Strength and femininity do not have to be two separate characteristics to strive for or justify.  Authentic feminine strength is congruence and acceptance of what it means personally to identify as a woman.  In this way femininity transcends the social constructs of physical beauty and delicacy; and strength is not limited to manifestations of physical prowess, but encompasses compassion, empathy, vulnerability, courage, and perseverance. 


About the Author + Advocate  SJ Marcotte holds a Master of Arts in Education degree from Northern Vermont University.  She studied in the Foundations of Education program with a focus on student engagement.  Her research interests encompassed  belonging and othering as well as gender issues.  She sums herself up in a word: CREATIVE.  Her roles include (but are not limited to) licensed educator, entrepreneur, designer, community leader, mother, wife, lover of music, writer, Justice of the Peace, asker of questions, and life-long learner.

SJ & Paula Cole, 2018

"You are a strong, beautiful woman, so don't let the world let you down.
Look within yourself and remember, who you are"

-Paula Cole

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