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Andrea Featured!

Updated: May 6, 2019

"Owning who I am to the core has allowed me to find peace with who I am as a human - and yes, femininity and all the amazing beauty that comes with it does play a role in that narrative."

Soulful Creator, Experience Seeker, Food Enthusiast, Music Lover, Recovering People Pleaser, Mamma, Friend, Wife, Good Vibe Pursuer and Provider – Filled with Wanderlust, Marching to the Beat of my Own Drum.

What is your purpose? To be a good human. I am kind. I give back. I desire learning, teaching, exploring and growth. I know myself to the core and trust that I am enough, but on some days it looks messy and that is ok. I always strive to be better and to do better. I want to feel all the feels, and have all the experiences, and want my kids and those around me to experience that, too. I am committed to leaving this world a kinder and gentler place.

What is at the core of your being? I am motivated. I am a doer. I have wild ideas and crazy thoughts and I like to see them take shape. I live to travel and love to experience different people, places, food, and culture.

What does society say about what it means to be feminine? Society sends mixed messages about femininity. From labeling women as physically and emotionally weak to labeling some men as feminine, the message is one of weakness and it is real. Another example involves assertiveness. If a male is assertive, he exudes strength. If a woman does the same, she is labeled a bitch. Although femininity can sometimes have negative connotations, we are living in a time where women are rising up. I’d like to think that as a society we are becoming more accepting of women stepping into their power, daring to be different, taking a stand, and living their vision. That is how I choose to exist.

How have societal messages about femininity changed in your lifetime? As a young child, I equated femininity to weakness. I wanted to be like the boys and prove that I was tough enough to compete. Too often society defines women by looks and men by ability - and although that is changing, the mentality still exists. Women are starting to take a stand and have posture about themselves and their abilities. Today there are many strong women role models out there and I pride myself on being one of them. It is important that as women we embrace our whole selves. Owning who I am to the core has allowed me to find peace with who I am as a human - and yes, femininity and all the amazing beauty that comes with it does play a role in that narrative.

How do you define femininity? Femininity is a little bit of refinement and a whole lot of spunk.

Strong Beautiful Woman: Andrea

Describe a time when you felt feminine and were not conforming to societal messages. I interviewed and negotiated my salary for my last position as a general manager of a booming coffee shop in Portsmouth, NH. I exuded femininity and confidence. Society often puts labels on women about not being worthy of equal pay, not being good negotiators, and not being confident enough to ask for what they want. I stood my ground and made it known that if I was to take the position I had clear expectations of what I required. My former boss even commented that I must be a poker player. That said, I got what I wanted because I was confident about my worth and my willingness to accept nothing less. Ladies, ask for what you want! You deserve it.

Talk about a way in which you choose to influence the world around you for the better. I teach students of various ages about cooking and the importance of healthy eating and I am passionate about it. I am an advocate for health and wellness - mind, body, and soul and I love to see people make choices that allow them to thrive. I value the importance of music, culture and community and have helped bring live music to my rural Vermont town. Most of all I exude positive energy, a lot of love, and encourage others to do the same.

You really care about personal development. What's the deal? Personal development, soul searching, and digging deep - do it! It will change your life. I started working for a health and wellness company and while many equate that to purely physical changes - the mental clarity and the personal development opportunities that continue to present themselves are something that have influenced my life. Get down to your core, stop believing the bullshit stories you tell yourself, and take action. I am committed to being the best me and I am grateful for the opportunities that have allowed me to become who I am today.

Describe a time when you felt totally badass. The creation of Wednesdays on the Waterfront, a music-based community venture that brings a free weekly summer concert series to my rural town of Newport, Vermont is badassery at it’s finest. A girlfriend and I had a wild thought and we trusted our crazy idea! Pulling off a successful six-week concert series that started in July 2017, after a dinner party turned brainstorming session in April of 2017, was impressive to say the least. Our first concert started with 250 people and the last show of the season finished with an attendance of 1000. (Remember we are talking Northern Vermont!) As we head into our third season of Wednesdays on the Waterfront, I am proud of the success that it has become and delighted with the community togetherness that it has created.

Who inspires you? The entrepreneurial spirit of my Dad is a resounding inspiration. Julia Child = major inspiration! I am also a big Pink fan.

Superpower My superpower used to be people pleasing but I traded it in for self-discovery and some inner peace. I have one other superpower which is rather unfortunate, I’m a mean toilet plunger…sigh.

At the heart of a strong beautiful woman is:


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