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I believe that everyone's life has value and significance, and everybody deserves a good quality of life - regardless of gender, race, social class, and other identity markers. I believe in, and try to practice, the importance of compassion for others...

Motorcycle mama, teacher, aromatherapist

How do you define your purpose? Altruistic; helping young people succeed and see their own inner strength.

What is at the core of your being? Strong work ethic, a rebel breaking traditional stereotypes.

What does society say about what it means to be feminine? I think stereotypically femininity is seen as weak submission, emotional and physical. It can mean speaking, looking, dressing, and acting in ways that might be construed as sexualized, womanly or girly, delicate - but not strong, persistent, rebellious, aggressive, warrior-like, or heroic.

How have societal messages about femininity changed in your lifetime? The last couple decades, it seems that women are reclaiming their power and moving slowly but steadily toward equality through politics, media, and social movements. Conversely, it seems that it's becoming more socially acceptable for boys and men to embrace their inner femininity, whether that's through supporting women's movements and issues, or how they choose to project themselves in appearance. As a mother of a young son and daughter, the evolution of how our society views femininity is encouraging to see.

How do you define femininity? Femininity can encompass lots of ideas from traditional femininity like from delicate yet trendy fashionista, to relentless empowered virago and tiger mom.

Is femininity part of your identity? Totally. Most days I feel really feminine, and it's evident through my conduct and how I dress - from my fitted clothes that empathize my feminine body or from shoes and hair to my nails, make up, or jewelry. However, there are days when I feel more masculine and dress down in baggier clothes or my motorcycle gear. For me, how feminine I'm feeling or want to feel reflects how I choose to carry myself - in appearance and clothing as well as how I act and speak.

Describe a time when you felt feminine and were not conforming to societal messages. When I'm getting a new tattoo or whenever I'm in my leather motorcycle gear on my sport bike and full face helmet. There's something about the anonymity - almost masculinity - of a full face helmet, being a female rider.

Strong Beautiful Woman, Lan

How do you choose to influence the world around you? Through my work as an aromatherapist and high school English teacher, I try to project good into the world by helping people in different ways.

How has being a teacher impacted you?

Having high school students has taught me how to be a better person, teacher, and parent.

How has the world influenced you for the better? I come from a family of Asian immigrants and refugees and have a facial port wine stain birthmark (PWS). I know what it means to live the life of someone who is uniquely different, especially living in rural VT. As I grow older, more insightful, and experienced, I realize that I've become more progressive in my views and that everything, quite literally everything, is political. It is a privilege not to be. I believe that everyone's life has value and significance, and everybody deserves a good quality of life -regardless of gender, race, social class, and other identity markers. I believe in, and try to practice, the importance of compassion for others, especially now as a mother of two littles.

Describe a time when you felt totally badass. When I birthed my own baby girl, Pippa. With my second born, I used hot water, hypnobirthing, and essential oils during labor and meditated until it was time. I pulled her out of my body after 3 pushes, and she peacefully looked around without a cry. It was the best moment of my life and hugely empowering - which is part of the impetus in expanding my aromatherapy business, Simply Organic Body Wellness, to support moms during pregnancy and 4th trimester.

Who inspires you? My two children inspire me to be a better person and realize how important it is to teach patience, kindness, and empathy.

Superpower? Multitasking! Being a mama and raising two humans while working full time, running a business, and going to school.

At the heart of a strong beautiful woman is: Wondrous passion & inspiring gumption!

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