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22 women reflect on a time they felt totally badass!

Be inspired by their responses...

  1. At the gym!

  2. A lot about my dancing makes me feel strong. After my first solo I felt amazing. I got a medal, but even if there was no judging, I worked really hard and I think I did a good job. It’s special when you feel it on the inside.

  3. When I birthed my daughter in 3 pushes and pulled her out of my own body. It was surreal and calming. I felt like I could have conquered the world.

  4. When I swim a really powerful butterfly stroke and surprise people because they look at me and don't expect it.

  5. Climbing rock cliffs!

  6. When I was sworn into the Massachusetts bar and formally became an attorney (a career path that still favors men over women).

  7. Whenever I set my mind to accomplish something, no matter the task, and I succeed! This might be something as simple as doing well an assignment, doing something well at work, or taking a risk which proves rewarding such as a successful interview or presentation. Even simple things like stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things people wouldn’t expect of me, such as the time I calmly stood up to protestors outside of Planned Parenthood.

  8. Cliff jumping

  9. I mean, I feel pretty bad ass all the time, honestly. Forty was a turning point for confidence. But specific bass ass moments? Every time I finish a CrossFit class. Every time I sing Cult of Personality. Or Welcome to the Jungle. Or any blues tune.

  10. Driving a big diesel truck.

  11. Part of my job at Hannaford is to stock water. The water is really heavy so my manager usually has guys that are working stock it instead of me. He told me he doesn't do that to offend me, but just because he doesn't want to make me struggle when it's a lot easier for the guys to stock it. A couple weeks ago, I was the only one working and the water needed to be filled. I was able to do it without any issues and my manager told me I did a good job after. Even though it was a little thing, it felt nice to be able to prove I can do all the same things that my male coworkers can.

  12. When my makeup is fierce and bold, my hair is looking awesome, and I’m rocking a pair of high heels.

  13. Every minute I've single parented my two kids. While I often feel like a failure at the same time, I have done this for nearly two years without a husband, partner, extended family, or friends nearby and they're still breathing.

  14. Just being me. Dancing with abandon to a good band. Kicking butt on a ski slope.

  15. Giving birth!

  16. The day I realized I didn’t need anyone’s approval to be ME ! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, feels, says about us. We can feel confident in our own beliefs, likes, dislikes, comfortable in our own bodies.

  17. Knowing how and doing the plumbing for my kitchen during our remodel.

  18. When I brought my ex to a court for him not following our divorce decree.

  19. Sangin' and jammin' in my car like a mic droppin' supa Star. Beyonce style!

  20. Cover shoot for my Supercharged album. Red high heels with a sexy old car. I was hoping folks would get a kick out of my fierce femininity.

  21. All the time!

When was the last time you experienced your own badassery? If it's been a while, go give yourself permission to feel it! You're a strong beautiful woman!

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